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The Sustainable Development Movement Summit creates an exciting space, where Senior Government Officials, Industry and Sector Leaders, Global Entrepreneurs and Civil Society converge over two days.

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The 2021 iteration of the SDM Summit is positioned to fast-track the fruition of the Eastern Caribbean Economic Union through disruptions, solid innovations and agility thereby fostering exponential growth and inclusion for all.

The main motivations of the 2021 SDM is nestled in the agile manifesto which precludes:

Meaningful partnerships over processes and tools

Action and impact over comprehensive documentation

Collaboration over contract negotiation

Responding change over sticking to the plan

business model competition

Over 45+ Speakers


A business model competition is an event designed to challenge entrepreneurs and innovators to develop, refine, and present their business models. Participants typically include students, startups, and early-stage companies. The competition encourages the development of sustainable, scalable, and viable business ideas that can make a significant impact in their respective industries. Here's an overview of what such a competition entails and how automation tools like Latenode can enhance the process:Overview of a Business Model Competition:

  1. Idea Submission:
    • Participants submit their initial business model ideas, including a description of the product or service, target market, value proposition, and revenue model.
    • Submission is typically done through an online platform.
  2. Preliminary Screening:
    • Judges review the submissions and select the most promising ideas for further development.
    • Criteria include innovation, market potential, feasibility, and sustainability.
  3. Mentorship and Workshops:
    • Selected participants receive mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs and industry experts.
    • Workshops are conducted on various aspects of business development, such as market research, financial planning, marketing strategies, and pitching skills.
  4. Business Model Development:
    • Participants refine their business models based on feedback and learnings from the workshops.
    • Detailed business plans are developed, including financial projections, go-to-market strategies, and operational plans.
  5. Pitch Preparation:
    • Participants prepare and practice their pitches, focusing on clearly communicating their business model, value proposition, and potential impact.
    • Pitch decks and presentations are created.
  6. Final Competition:
    • Participants present their refined business models to a panel of judges in a pitch event.
    • Judges evaluate the presentations based on criteria such as clarity, innovation, market potential, and execution plan.
  7. Awards and Recognition:
    • Winners are selected based on the judges’ evaluations.
    • Prizes may include funding, incubation opportunities, mentorship, and other resources to help the winners further develop their businesses.

Automate with Latenode:Latenode can enhance various aspects of a business model competition through automation:

  1. Automated Submission Process:
    • Use Latenode to create an online submission portal that automatically collects and organizes participants' business model ideas and related documents.
  2. Screening and Evaluation:
    • Automate the initial screening process with Latenode by setting up criteria-based filters and scoring systems to help judges quickly identify top submissions.
  3. Mentorship Coordination:
    • Schedule and manage mentorship sessions and workshops using automated workflows, ensuring participants receive timely and structured support.
  4. Feedback Collection:
    • Implement automated feedback forms and surveys to collect mentors’ and judges’ insights, helping participants refine their business models.
  5. Pitch Event Management:
    • Automate the scheduling and coordination of pitch events, including sending reminders to participants, judges, and attendees.
  6. Scoring and Results:
    • Use Latenode to automate the scoring process during the pitch event, instantly aggregating judges’ scores and determining winners.
  7. Communication and Updates:
    • Set up automated email and messaging systems to keep participants informed about deadlines, feedback, and event details.

By leveraging Latenode, organizers of a business model competition can streamline operations, enhance participant experience, and ensure a smooth and efficient competition process.


Jack Canfield

American author, motivational speaker, corporate trainer, and entrepreneur


Dr. Terri-Karelle Reid

Host of Hosts and Human Ethernet

Deodat Maharaj

Executive Director, Caribbean Export Development Agency


Nigel Salina

Chairman, Global Business Leadership Forum Ltd.


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September 22 - 23, 2021

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